Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Future of Religion

The world is shrinking, exclusive conclaves would become obsolete and people will be living together more harmoniously than ever before as the new society would define it as a necessity.

Religion will continue to be an important aspect of people’s life, but it will be the religion of justice that Moses taught, religion of love and forgiveness that Jesus taught, religion of humility and equality that Mohammad taught, religion of taking responsibility for one's good and bad that Zarthustra taught, religion for caring for others that so many earth based and indigenous traditions taught, religion of respect for every being that Krishna and Mahavir taught, religion of caring (even) for the enemies that Nanak taught and the idea of one humanity that Bahaullah taught… and all the goodness that every peace maker in the world has contributed to.

Despite the issues of the world, we will be living in a better tomorrow.