Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dealing with Terrorism

While we must not condone any terrorism, we must also take the moral high ground by addressing the underlying grievances and problems and avoid pursuing policies, and undertaking ventures that provide new impetus to the terrorists, as it has unfolded in Iraq.

You and I have opportunities to find satisfaction in life through food, entertainment, family, friends, freedom…. What options to the terrorist have? The only option we have forced on them is to hit us back before they crumble, that is the only source of joy they have left. Shame on us, we need to give them options a way out of it, so the end result is a sense of security in us and hope for them.

In fighting the menace of terrorism, if we go after the individuals responsible for the crimes and not their families, not their nation or their religion, we will achieve far greater success, if we learn to laser bark at the right criminals, instead of barking at the universe.

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